P U N T A M A R is a Colombian swimwear and complements brand, that reflects an elegant and avant-grade style through exclusive pieces with innovating designs that set trends to give our customers a significant difference when they are using our high quality garments with top textiles, materials and confection that ensure comfort and perfect adjustment.


P U N T A M A R first objetive is to exhibit a new definition of SWIMWEAR. Our goal is to change the market swimwear concept today showing a new way of using and styling these pieces changing our customers way of thinking.

The bikini was though before as a pool and beach complement but nowdays it is used in the daily outfit of every woman as a perfect piece to go out in the streets, restaurants and night life.


The story behind our name brand P U N T A M A R started from the definition of the word P U N T A; which geographically is the extent of land that mets with the ocean M A R. On this description is based our concept of not having limints when we are going to use swimwear pieces.


P U N T A M A R was born in March 2016 in Colombia from the union of two cousins of the city of Bucaramanga, one a designer of the Universidad de los Andes and the other a financist from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, which decide to undertake an entrepeneur project in the fashion world with their unique and irreverent idea of the concept of swimwear pieces.